FREE Parking
12 and under FREE!  Adults $10.00 Daily (13 & Over)
Gillette Midway Daily - Ride Bracelet Days $15 Monday - Wednesday - Thursday
Two Senior Days Tuesday & Thursday $3 Admission 65 & Over
September 24th through September 30th
197 Blanchard Road in Cumberland, Maine 04021

  Officers     Area Code
Mike Timmons
140 Bruce Hill Rd. Cumberland   ME 04021
Vice President Don Doyle
72 Turkey Lane Auburn, ME 04210 795-6277
Treasurer Gerry Prevost
39 Samuel Rd Portland, ME 04103
Secretary Elizabeth Tarantino
29 Daffodil Ln. Cumberland ME 04021 504-7032
Lyle Merrifield
195 Gorham Rd. Gorham, ME 04038 415-3001
Mark Cooper
81 Chute Rd. Windham ME 04062 892-7276
Greg Fowler
168 Greely Rd Cumberland, ME 04021 829-5977
John Ames II
326 Gray Rd. No. Yarmouth ME 04097 829-5708
Daniel Fossett
6 Union Rd. Cumberland, ME 04021 829-6465
Theodore Googins
64 Shaker Rd Gray, ME 04039 657-4981
Livestock Mark Cooper
81 Chute Rd. Windham ME 04062 892-7276
Pulling Horses & Oxen Gordon Robinson
PO Box 711 Parsonfield ME 04047 628-3683
Tractor Pulls, Motorized Events Andy Dugas
77 Woodland Dr. Yarmouth ME 04096 671-3231
Exhibition Hall Carolyn Small
 273 Tuttle Rd. Cumberland, ME 04021 829-3757
Greenhouse Jim Googins
245 Greely Rd No. Yarmouth, ME 04097 632-8583
Commercial Exhibits David Frye
10 Keswick St. So. Portland, ME 04106


Publicity Gerry Prevost
39 Samuel Rd. Portland, ME 04103 797-2789
Parade/Harness Racing
Mike Timmons
140 Bruce Hill Rd Cumberland, ME 04021 653-9783
Midway Supervisor Theodore Googins
64 Shaker Rd Gray, ME 04039 657-4981
Gate & Security T. Sawyer
12 Justine's Way Windham, ME 04062 615-6596
Winter Storage/Grounds Dan Fossett
6 Union Rd. Cumberland, ME 04021 829-6465
Website/Fair Publications Jeff Steinman
49 Alder Way Cumberland, ME 04021 829-4107
Museum Lyle Merrifield
195 Gorham Rd. Gorham, ME 04038 892-5061
Camping William Fischer (fair week and seasonal)
193 Orchard Rd Cumberland, ME 04021 829-3283
Entertainment Donald Doyle
27 Turkey Lane Auburn, ME 04210 795-6277

Cumberland Farmers Club Membership

Allen, Andrew

Allen, Dennis

Allen, Lisa

Allen Jr, Philip

Ambrose, Judy

Ames II, John

Bartlett, Tim


Bickford, Jonathan

Brannigan, Anthony

Briggs, Valery

Brogan, Paul

Brown, Andrew

Brown, Stanford

Bryant, Dan

Burnell, Kerry

Burr, Daniel

Burr, Jonathan

Carr, William

Chandler, Aaron

Cochran, Larry

Copp, Jason

Copp, Stephanie

Cooper, Gaylene

Cooper, Leon Jr

Cooper, Mark

Cooper, Paula

Corey, Robert

Davis, Jeffrey

Davis, Michaela

Dews, Chuck

Dolby, Tim

Doyle, Donald

Dubay, Joe

Dugas, Andy

Dyke, Robert

Emery, Heath

Estabrook, JoAnn

Fenderson, Donna

Fenderson, John

Fenderson, John W Jr.

Fischer, Patricia

Fischer, William

Flanigan, Bruce*

Fossett, Dan

Fowler, Gregory

Frye, David

Gaffer, Art

Gagnon, Philip

Gagnon Jr, Philip

Gallagher, Paul

Googins, Charles Jr.

Googins, Charles Sr. *

Googins, Corey

Googins, James

Googins, Russell

Googins, Steven

Googins, Theodore

Grant, Jeff

Grant, Jennifer

Gumaer, Eric

Hall, Donald

Hall, George

Hall, Russell

Haskell, Clayton

Haskell, Michael

Hawkes, James

Hessert, Steven

Hilton, Frank III

Kimball, Chris

Kimball, Jamie Lamb

Kimball, Herbert

Kinney, Fred

Lamb, Tim

Landry, David

Larrabee, Patricia

Legrow, Herb

Libby, Richard

Maloney, Mary

Maloney, Robert

Meehan, Glenn

Merrifield, Joanne

Merrifield, Lexi

Merrifield, Lyle

Merrill, Linc

Mitchell, Robert

Moon, Allison

Moon, Blaine

Morrill, Richard

Nielsen, Sonja

O’Brian, Daniel

O’Brien, Alan

O’Brien, Diane

Partridge, Jeff

Prevost, Gerry

Prevost, Richard

Rawnsley, Mark

Richards, Donald

Rogers, Raymond

Ryan, Thomas

Sawyer, David

Sherwood, Cynthia

Shores, Douglas Jr.

Simpson, Stan

Small, Alan

Small, Carolyn

Small, Charlie

Small, David

Small, Francis *

Small, George

Small, Jordan

Smith, Clayton

Steinman, Jeff

Stiles, William

Stiles Jr, William

Storey, Robert

Stratton, Sydney

Stultz, William

Sweetzer, Richard

Switzer, Kevin

Tarantino, Elizabeth

Taylor, Ann Marie

Taylor, Bryan

Thompson, Carl

Thuotte, Heidi

Timmons, Michael**

Tyler, Thomas

Webster, Philip

Webster, Robert

Webster, William

Weed, Clayton

Weeman, Craig

Weeman, Julie

Wells, Charles

Wells, Linda

Whitcomb, Charles

Wilson, Gary

Wilson, Michael *

Winship, Edwin

Winship, Gary

Winship, Oliver

Winslow, Mark

Woodbury, Frank

Wormell, Leroy

Wormell, Peter

*Past Presidents

**Current President

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Cumberland Fairgrounds


Humidity: 34%

Wind: 22.53 km/h

  • 29 Apr 2017

    Mostly Cloudy 25°C 10°C

  • 30 Apr 2017

    Mostly Cloudy 12°C 4°C

Friends of the Fair

Maine Association of Livestock Exhibitors

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Maine Association of Agricultural Fairs

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