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26th Annual Cumberland Fair Pumpkin and Squash Weigh Off

pumkin_smallThis year’s Cumberland Fair will host the 26th Annual Maine State Pumpkin and Squash Weigh-In. Each year promises much anticipation and excitement to see who will outgrow last year’s massive gourd!




1. All judges’ decisions are final. All judges will be responsible to have a complete knowledge of all rules and how to implement them fairly. It will be necessary to have a current copy of the rules present at each site in public view so anyone may reference them.


2. Growers are to aid and assist the site in running the weigh-off upholding the integrity of the weigh-off site.


3. The Cumberland Farmers’ Club representative and site coordinator are to be in charge of the gathering of registration, weights, measurements, and other information deemed necessary.


4. Site coordinators, growers, and the Cumberland Farmers’ Club representatives, and site representatives are to work as a team to ensure each site is as accommodating to the growers, site, and Cumberland Farmers’ Club as possible, upholding the values of fair competition.


5. The Cumberland Farmers’ Club Giant Pumpkin/Squash weigh-offs are open to anyone wishing to participate without prejudice. All growers must comply with all rules and regulations set forth at the weigh-off site they wish to participate in. Any rules the Cumberland Farmers’ Club wishes to have must be fair and impartial for all growers.


6. The above mentioned representatives will also assume responsibility of ensuring the integrity of the fruits and that scales have been calibrated by a recognized weights and measurement business or government prior to the weigh-off.


Fruits and Growers

1. The entry must be grown, cared for from seed to harvest, and exhibited by the grower. In case of an emergency the site coordinator, grower representative, and site representative will make a decision on the validity of the excuse.


2. Number of entries shall be limited to the following in the name of fairness:

Giant Pumpkins – Adult: One entry per family.


Giant Squash – Adult: One entry per family.


Giant Pumpkins – Child (ages 8-15): One entry per child; limit

3 children per family.


Giant Squash – Child (ages 8-15): One entry per child; limit 3 children per family.


Jack-O-Lanterns – Adult: One entry per family.


Jack-O-Lanterns – Child (under 15): One entry per child; limit 3 children per family.


3. Judges for a weigh-off will consist of the club/grower representative, site coordinator, and site representative, or 2 experienced growers. The two judges for the growers will be appointed by the Cumberland Farmers’ Club representatives. If any Judge has an entry that is in question or can not be present the day of the weigh-off they will be excused from the Judges panel and another grower will be appointed in their place.


4. All specimens must be weighed on a certified digital scale.

A certified scale is one that has been inspected and certified by a Federal Governmental Agency and must have a current certification sticker attached to the scale. Scales that have been certified by a local government agency for commercial purposes are also acceptable scales.


5. No foreign material (i.e. fungicides, caulking, skin additives, etc.) will be permitted in the weighing of any fruit. Vines must be trimmed to within one inch of the stem of the fruit. The judges have the right to inspect any and all fruit before weights and measurements become official. Refusal of any inspection to an entry will cause the entry to be classified “exhibition only.”


6. The specimen must be sound, healthy, and undamaged. Entries must be free of rot, holes or cracks through to the cavity, and serious soft spots.

A. If a soft spot is superficial and does not go through to the cavity of the fruit, it will be judged as an official entry.

B. The Judges reserve the right to probe cracks, holes, and to dig out soft spots to judge a fruit official or not. Before the Judges can execute any of the previous, they must have the grower present.


7. Any fruit that has been weighed at a previous weigh-off, be it a GPC or independent event, will not be considered for prize money and shall be classified Exhibition at the Cumberland Fair Weigh-off


8. All entries, except Jack-O-Lanterns, must arrive on a pallet for ease of handling by Cumberland Fair personnel.


9. Giant pumpkin/squash must weigh at least 100 pounds to enter.


10. All entries must stay on the fairgrounds for the entire duration of the fair. If removed before Sunday, September 29, 2013, no premium check will be issued.


11. Fruit will be accepted at designated gate only from 8 AM to 10 AM on Sunday, September 22, 2013. As long as entrants are on the fairgrounds, have registered with the coordinators, and are in line waiting, they will be accepted. Any entrants arriving after the 10:00 AM deadline will be accepted as displays only, and will not be eligible for prize monies.


12. Fruit will be weighed beginning at 11:00 AM, Sunday, September 22, 2013.


13. Jack-O-Lanterns will be moved to inside the Exhibition Hall after the weigh-off.

14. Assistance with a loader for removal of fruits will be provided by Cumberland Farmers Club on Sunday, September 29, 2013 from 10:00 AM until 12:00 noon only. If fruits are removed before Sunday, September 29, 2013, the premium check will be forfeited. If entrant is unable to pick up fruits until after Sunday, September 29, 2013, arrangements should be made with Carolyn Small, or fruits and the pallets on which they are displayed will become the property of the Cumberland Farmers Club, and will be disposed of by the Club. No assistance for removal will be available at any other time than that designated above.


Color Requirements and Prize Money

A. Squash will be classified as follows - 100% of the following colors or color combinations green, blue and gray. The surface area of the fruit as grown in the garden, not including the portion that was in contact with, or chose proximity to the ground. This area will include the area between the ribs, around the stem, and the blossom end. This will not include any netting (cantaloping) or any discoloration caused by the close proximity to, or the area on the ground.


B. Pumpkins will be all fruit not classified as squash.


2. In the event of a tie of two or more places all entries that are tied will have the prize money for the places that are tied added together then split equally amongst the places that are involved.


3. Winner will be the heaviest pumpkin or squash by weight.


4. All fruit entered shall be grown within the borders of the State of Maine to be eligible for premiums.



* A $250 Bonus Sponsored by the Cumberland Fair will be awarded for a new fair record in the Giant Pumpkin class over 1130 lbs. or more at the Cumberland Fair. The qualifying pumpkin must be grown in the State of Maine. In the event of 2 or more pumpkins weighing more than 1130 lbs., the heaviest pumpkin will be awarded the bonus. The Cumberland Farmers’ Club and its officially sanctioned site shall not be held liable for compensation, loss, damage, or injury to any person, exhibit, or personal property. All premiums are not guaranteed: Money payouts will be contingent upon receipt of sponsorship amounts received.


                1st       2nd     3rd       4th       5th       6th       7th       8th       9th       10th


24.001 Giant Pumpkin–Adult

                $500   $350   $200   $100   $100   $100   $50     $50     $50     $50


24.002 Giant Pumpkin–Children under 15    

                $250   $150   $75     $50     $50     $50     $25     $25     $25    


24.002a Most Beautiful Pumpkin – Child         $25                                                                                          


24.003 Giant Squash– Adult              

                $200   $125   $75     $40     $40     $40     $20     $20     $20     $20


24.004 Giant Squash–Children under 15      

                $75     $50     $30     $20     $20     $20     $15     $15     $15



24.005 Old-Fashioned Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin–Adult    

                $25     $20     $15     $10     $5


24.006 Old-Fashioned Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin–Children under 15      

                $25     $15     $12     $8       $4      


24.008 New Fair Record – Pumpkin                      $250  


24.009 New Fair Record – Squash                         $100