Date                                        Event                                               Area                                                                     

May through August 2016          Ultimate Frisbee/Town Teams                 various fields

May 20, 2016                            4H Sheep Clinic                                     Show Arena

June 4, 2016                             4H June Jamboree                                Livestock and Pulling

June 5, 2016                             Girls on the Run 5K Fundraiser               Full Grounds

June 11, 2016                            Maine’s Ultimate Yard Sale                    Full Grounds

                                                Details at: Maine’s Ultimate Yard Sale

June 23-26, 2016                       Dog Shows                                           Camping and Pulling

June 24, 2016                            Rabbit Show                                         Show Arena

July 17, 2016                             Mini-Tractor Pulls                                   TBD

July TBD                                   Mini-Horse Shows                                 Riding Arena

August 11-14, 2016                    United Maine Craftsman Fair                  Full Grounds

                                                Details at: United Maine Crafts Fair

August 15-18, 2016                    H.A.R.T. Yard Sale                               Full Grounds

                                                Details at: HART Yard Sale Facebook Event

August 19, 2016                        Barrel Racing                                        Riding Arena

August 28, 2016                        Horse Show Drummy                             Riding Arena

September 10, 2016                  Private Reservation                               Exhibition Hall

September 17, 2016                  Maine’s Ultimate Yard Sale                    Full Grounds    

                                                Details at: Maine’s Ultimate Yard Sale

September 25, 2016                  Rabbit Show                                         Show Arena

September 25-October 2           145th Annual Cumberland County Fair  Full Grounds

October 15, 2016                       Mini-Tractor Pulls                                   TBD