Harness Racing Every Day

Harness Racing Sunday September 27th through October 4th 2020

As always, one of the core attractions at the Cumberland Fair is our Harness Racing program – which has been on-going since we started with farmers racing down Main Street in Cumberland in 1868!  We’ve moved away from Main Street and onto our top-notch track, and are featuring racing throughout the Fair. 


The Race Times    Sunday         September 27th       2:00 PM

                              Monday         September 28th       1:30 PM

                              Tuesday        September 29th        1:30 PM

                              Wednesday   September 30th        1:00 PM

                              Thursday       October 1st       1:00 PM

                              Friday           October 2nd         1:30 PM

                              Saturday       October 3rd         1:30 PM

                              Sunday         October 4th         1:30 PM (Note:  Harness Racing only – Fair has ended)