FREE Parking
12 and under FREE!  Adults $10.00 Daily (13 & Over)
Three Ride Days $15 Monday - Wednesday - Thursday
Two Senior Days Tuesday & Thursday $3 Admission 65 & Over
September 27th through October 3rd
197 Blanchard Road in Cumberland, Maine 04021

                                          Cumberland Fairgrounds Events 2014

                                                Contact for Rentals: Mike Timmons; President 653-9783


Date                           Event                                                                          Location on Grounds


May - September     Ultimate Frisbee Tuesday and Thursday           Infield
                                                                 (Some Saturdays)

May 4                         Greely Summer                                                        Event Full Grounds

May 18                       Cumberland County 4H Sheep Clinic                 Show Arena

May 16-18                 Maine Miniature Horse Show (set up May 15)   Outdoor Riding Arena

May 31                       Maine's Ultimate Yard Sale                                   Full Grounds

June 7                       Cumberland County 4H June Jamboree           Livestock & Pulling Areas

June 8                       Girls on The Run – 5K Road Race                      Full Grounds

June 13-15               Maine Miniature Horse Show (set up June 12) Outdoor Riding Arena

June 15                     Cumberland County Rabbit Show                       Show Arena

June 19-22               Chickadee Dog Show                                            Camping Area & Pulling

June 21                     Standard bred Horse Show                                  Outdoor Riding Arena

June 28                     Brass Knobs 4H Steer Clinic                               Pulling Arena

June 28                     Fundraiser                                                               Show Arena

June 29 - July 3       Harness Horse Foundation - Youth Driving       Racetrack

July 13                       Highview Open Horse Show                                Outdoor Riding Arena

July 27                       Maine Miniature Horse Show                               Outdoor Riding Arena

August 6-10              United Maine Craftsmans                                     Fair Full Grounds

August 14-17            HART Foundation Yard Sale                                 Exhibition Hall

August 17                  Maine Miniature Horse Show                               Outdoor Riding Arena

August 24                  Standard bred Pleasure Horse Show                Outdoor Riding Arena

September 14          Maine Miniature Horse Show                                Outdoor Riding Arena

September 21-28    143rd Cumberland County Fair                            Entire Grounds

October 4                   Horse Rescue D Little                                            Pulling Arena

October 11                 Maine's Ultimate Yard Sale                                    Full Grounds

October 18                 MeQHA Fall Fuzzy Show                                         Outdoor Riding Arena


Join Girls on the Run

Join Girls on the Run - Maine on a healthy family walk around the horse track to get the Fair week started off right! At Girls on the Run, we empower girls to be joyful and confident, make healthy decisions in life, make a positive impact on our world, and boldly pursue their dreams. Join us on September 21 at 9am as we channel our excitement for the start of the Fair into a fun and healthy morning walk! Wear your bright colors, crazy socks, your tutus - make it fun! Donate $5/lap. 50% of money raised will benefit GOTR-ME's scholarship fund ensuring that more girls in Maine have the opportunity to participate in our program. The other 50% will benefit long-time fairground employee Donnie Richards and his recovery from an onsite accident. Join us to get healthy and help Donnie get back to doing what he loves!

See you at the Fair!

Learn more about Girls on the Run - Maine by visiting or call 207-747-5677