FREE Parking
12 and under FREE!  Adults $10.00 Daily (13 & Over)
Three Ride Days $15 Monday - Wednesday - Thursday
Two Senior Days Tuesday & Thursday $3 Admission 65 & Over
September 27th through October 3rd
197 Blanchard Road in Cumberland, Maine 04021


Harness Racing Sunday September 27th through October 4th

As always, one of the core attractions at the Cumberland Fair is our Harness Racing program – which has been on-going since we started on Main Street in Cumberland in 1871!  We’ve gotten away from racing down Main Street though, and look forward to another exciting line-up for you for the 143rd Annual Cumberland County Fair! See our schedule which includes either day or night racing with twice the fun on Wednesday the 24th.


The Race Times    Sunday         September 27 th       1;30 p.m.

                            Monday         September 28 th       3.p.m.

                            Tuesday        September 29 th       3 p.m.

                            Wednesday   September 30 th       3 p.m.

                            Thursday       October        1 st.      3 p.m.

                            Friday            October       2 rd       3 p.m.

                            Saturday       October        3 td       1:30 p.m.

                            Sunday          October       4 th        1:30 p.m.


Join Girls on the Run

Join Girls on the Run - Maine on a healthy family walk around the horse track to get the Fair week started off right! At Girls on the Run, we empower girls to be joyful and confident, make healthy decisions in life, make a positive impact on our world, and boldly pursue their dreams. Join us on September 21 at 9am as we channel our excitement for the start of the Fair into a fun and healthy morning walk! Wear your bright colors, crazy socks, your tutus - make it fun! Donate $5/lap. 50% of money raised will benefit GOTR-ME's scholarship fund ensuring that more girls in Maine have the opportunity to participate in our program. The other 50% will benefit long-time fairground employee Donnie Richards and his recovery from an onsite accident. Join us to get healthy and help Donnie get back to doing what he loves!

See you at the Fair!

Learn more about Girls on the Run - Maine by visiting or call 207-747-5677